الاثنين، يوليو 18، 2005

I was on bus heading my C++ course. And since it’s a long way to go, I mostly listen to radio. When suddenly today I heard Richard (my favorite announcer) is sitting in for the program “AM on FM”. That made me happy hearing him at that early hour of the day who I loved ever since I got to firstly listen to him.

I don’t know much about him more than he is a British citizen who preferred working in Cairo for over 10 years now. He’s not handsome nor charming, yet his voice and way of tackling issues is. And above all his magical taste of music. He can talk non-stop about oriental, foreign, traditional or global musical pieces. And each time I listen to a new pick by of his choice I feel charmed more and more.

So I thought of giving a thank you call since he was playing “I will always love you” by Dolly Parton (a hit I adore myself). I dialed the number and he answered HURRAY. But things went on the weird direction!
As I told you I was in the bus and so I’d to speak in English on my mobile which looked a bit odd! And since he couldn’t hear me well, I had to raise up my voice, which left people sitting beside me to gaze, who is that weirdo sitting beside us!! especially when I cheered with “Hay Richy this is BlueBerry * ”

He wished me a safe journey after we exchanged some private words together ;) . I haven’t called him in ages. So he promised to play another song by Dolly especially for me.

By the time we were crossing “Kasr el Nile” bridge, he was playing me that song “You left me just when I needed you the most” while I was staring at the Nile. You don’t know how I love the Nile’s scene from that particular bridge. And tell you, if that song is to prove anything, it won’t be but to show Richard’s fine taste.
I loved it as much as I love radio Cairo, and my story going on with it.

* that’s how my friends announcers and listeners know me in radio, as BlueBerry or BlueLue ;)

PS: I am still on my promise with the “City Cabs” just give me more time to go.

Time To Go.. 73's
Lasto Adri *Blue*

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