الثلاثاء، فبراير 12، 2008

On the missing piece of life..

I feel tired. That’s all I have to say. I just feel tired as if I’ve been running for years. I can not think. I can not focus. I can not write.
Well yeah, still I am content for everything. At least, hurrrray, I am working shiftless. :D like any normal person. No more waking up late at work. No more spending nights away from my house. But still going everyday is boring. I know now its more easier to meet friends on satuday mornings… but the 4 days off were marvelous. I am tired! And wish to go and sleep..
Yes yes, I will go and sleep.. shortly after I finish writing..
But what to write?
I do not know..

Yesterday I discovered something. There isn’t a single something I’ve started and completed. Every thing gets boring just before the last mile. Drawing.. writing.. DXing.. Blogging..
Where am I heading? No.. where am I now?
No where.
Just an average person, with average dreams if not below average.
I feel lost.

There is something missing in me that needs to fire me up. To go and move the mountains. Its not a matter or arrogance, but I know always that I am a unique person in a way. Everyone got to tell himself that every morning.
May be I stopped feeling unique once I stopped believing I am? You think so?
There is missing piece in my life.. I do not know where to find it.. or how to find it.. or which particular piece that is..

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