الأحد، فبراير 24، 2008

Last couple of weeks

So last couple of weeks, I’ve been working on my daily routine. I discovered I waste so much time infront of my computer which in return affects me negatively.
1. I turn more intense whenever there is a network outage.
2. my eyes hurts.
3. I sit less time with my parents.
4. read less.
5. write less.
6. stopped my Canvas.
7. hurts my back and neck.
8. hate people.

Sooo… what I’ve been doing lately, and think I’ve succeeded to a great deal in, is minimize my internet usage to a one hour max per day. I quickly check my mail and the blogs I follow, mostly while logging off all my IM’s. and tell you what, while I’m writing there isn’t any internet, and I’m not feeling so bad about it. Its like, whats the deal.. I’ll write a little and then read my story. I feel refreshed!
As for reading, I think I’m reading with a very fast rate. Unlike any other time in my entire history, where I’ve been having work or studies besides. In other words, exclude the time when I was in holidays.
I read like from 1 hr to 1:30 every day before sleeping, and try to vary my readings in a way that would enrich my mind even better.
No technical readings in the weekends. Nothing work related in the weekends. Its all for me to relax and have all the fun in the world.
After the working days, I do read a little bit of technical material to help me continue in work. Then check my mail, then go and switch completely to reading a novel, then sleep.
Canavas is during watching TV. I try to follow “El 3ashera masa2an” every night. Its one hell of a program, and one hell of an announcer.
Every Sunday morning, I go to the gym for an hr or 2 hrs of mere sports. Then I go walking for an hr or so. While walking I put in my mp3 and start my French lessons. I close my eyes while walking so as not to see people and speak as loudly as I would like without any embarrassments.
Ah, bear in mind that through out the sports time, I should never think in ANYTHING!.. I should not concentrate in ANYTHING. Let the world burn in hell, I should spend time for myself.

For the next couple of weeks I need to:
1. Read Quran and fast Monday and Thursday.
2. lose weight.. I have really turned fat (that’s a fact)
3. increase my technical readings.
4. really finish work at 6! I shouldn’t stay more than that.
5. get done with the bugging issue that already took so much time and worry.
6. decrease eating! Especially candies.

Things I need to buy:
1. Rest of Canvas threads. (I should sit today and write them down in a papers)
2. Mobile
3. Camera, or at least fix the one we already have.
4. A small lamp light with white light to read on before sleeping. I feel lazy to get up and switch off the lights at the end of my room.
5. 1Gb Ram for my computer.
6. Ahmed Bahgat’s books from Dar El Sherouq.
7. Valuable Alba watch.
8. USB Flash disk.

And by so, I believe that would be enough, see ya on good health.

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