الأربعاء، أغسطس 29، 2007

Let's do it

"Not all of us have the money to start up a business, or the luck or the chances aren't there. Sometimes, you are just glad to have a job - any job. So you grab the job in the factory or the store or the call center. You might have it, but you try to make the best of things. But it that fun? I would say do you really have to stay stuck in a rut? Is that job you hate really your own option? Whoever you are, you have other choices. Look around. See what else you can do."

"Some you win and some you lose. Be glad when you win. Don't have regrets when you lose. Never look back. You can't change the past. I try to learn from it. We can't all run big airlines or trains. Many people have more modest goals. But whatever your dream is, go for it. Always beware if the risks are too random or too hard to predict, but remember, if you opt for a safe life, you will never know what it's like to win."

by Richard Branson
from his book "Screw it, Let's do it".

PS: Personal advise, go for it and read that book!
Thanks JP for the recommendation ;)

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