الأحد، أغسطس 26، 2007

Back from there..

So I returned back from Matroh. Was a nice summer vacation, thought not my best. Mm.. few conflicts with my father as usual. As if he can’t enjoy a week without a fight. 3adi.. isn’t it?
Yes, turned dark 5ales ..
Met few nice people. There is a gathering next Thursday, and probably I wont attend. This stupid Vodafone training I’m having at the moment is consuming all my afternoons.
My ears hurt awi.. and officially I’m turning deaf. F3lan, I can’t hear anything. And people got to raise their voices a lot so I can figure out the words spoken. Even today I was acting stupid searching where is the phone ringing while it was just beside me! Duh!
Tomorrow most probably I’ll go to a dr. isA.

I want to work ba2a!
I know that still I’m encountered as a fresh graduate, a very recent one who got not to worry about work. But look at me. I’m an average person, with very little skills concerning technical life. Low cumulative grade. I don’t know!
I was fresh yesterday as I returned home wallahi! I was joking and having fun.. I’ve met very nice guys and gals and had a lot of good times together all the week long. But something was pushing on hard on me. Even my mother asked me what was wrong with me. Frankly I had no clear another. I didn’t really know whats wrong. Something was just nagging me, forcing me not to fully enjoy my time, even to dislike keda gatherings no matter how much I enjoy it.

Was trying to learn CCNA there by the way. And tell you I hate it. That’s all what I’ve learnt through out the vacation, I hate networks, communications and electronics .. LOL! Would never make a good engineer, that’s how I think.
GRRR! I wish to stop thinking in this working thingie y3ni.. tab what about those who got army lessa in January or so. Ain’t I better?
And I can’t empty this tiny mind ever.

Lost interest in reading and writing f3lan. Unless its something I need now, I wont risk sitting in front of a book reading.. its getting on my nerve recently.
Not in my good shape.. though I was so yesterday… could be the hot atmosphere that sucks f3lan. Could be humidity.. could be the shocking fact that I’m stuck again in Cairo for at least a year and may be longer..
Who knows..

Wish to blog in here more often…
Will try..

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