الأربعاء، يونيو 14، 2006


-- On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red
-- Will he offer me his mouth?
-- Yes

So it’s been this day for everything. YUP! . you know, somehow no matter how life went on rushing, or insanely fast or even slow. You still keep on searching for this tiny corner you’d find yourself sitting waiting for you to come on by and start to move on together again. Sometimes, a bar of choco would do, sometimes listening to your favorite CD or holding a book or talking to a friend or even gossiping about someone you like. Its just, as I always say, forget about the big things and focus on the small ones, these ones what really count.

-- Will he offer me his teeth?
-- Yes

Today morning was strange. Got to wake up really early for a college meeting to have a project brain storming. And so our meeting was around 9 then postponed to 10, while in fact I got out of my home reaching the place at 10. :D was about 1 hour behind. Anyways, luckily we found the sub-lecturer around to explain a little bit of what we’d to be doing, and un-expectedly we had some funny stuff going on from here and there. When it was our time to return back. Suddenly we thought of hanging out, and YES we did!

-- Will he offer me his Jews?
-- yes

I went with Bavalova and B. to some restaurant down town, where we ate in the street and even drunk some soft drinks near by a kiosk where we sat on the pavement in the middle of the road under the extremely burning sun, but it was hell fun. Fun to the extend we weren’t imagining. But somehow, sometimes you always need something, I won’t say wild, but may I say un-usual to your life. Something you don’t always do every now or then not for t he sake of anything but.. to steel some moments of enjoyment in your life..

-- will he offer me his Hunger?
-- yes

anyways, as I returned home I was like dead tired, and couldn’t help sleeping when,, when I got this phone call of my dear G. She asked to go out walking, when I said “what the hell, OK”
Some more minutes later we were down walking :D .. was fun still. I mean, we aren’t that very close friends to say, but we got some things in common after all. Even some friends. Actually –more than some- friends. We’ve been gossiping all day may be. Walking around 3 hours or so non-stop, and promised to meet again sooooon, but next time for the pooool.. lets just enjoy our time more and more *evil laugh*

-- Again, will he offer me his hunger?
-- YES
-- And will he starve
without me?
-- YES

Retuned back home, very late in fact, and tired as never before to discover I can’t even post this little something since no DSL around. Soo, I’ve watched TV. To my amazement there was this Arabic movie I’ve been told about a lot before but never saw it for real “el selm wl t3ban”. Can’t argue that is a nice *nice* movie, not that exceptionally beautiful something, or may be its been me who do not feel amazed with things quite easily as before. And could be me, who is not fond of romance as before. I mean, I was talking with someone some time ago and reached the conclusion that life is not always the life we think, and it will still be kept as a mystery, one day up and next down. And what makes it quite unique, is the one thing that made you up today might be the reason to make you down tomorrow.. I don’t know.. but like, like you want to eat something salty at a time so badly, but what after you eat it??… nothing after all
And that what G. confirmed to me today as well when she said a phrase, I do not believe I’d forget “love is an over rated feeling” .. and yeah, why not take this theory in practice??

Looks I’m going hallucinating, its been a tiring day, completely adorable, beautiful and energetic… its just our lives do not always allow us this self space.. but sooner or later.. sooner or later we’d feel the peace..

-- And does he love me?
-- Yes
-- Yes

Quotes from the song “You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth” – Meatloaf
And wonder why I ever did…

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