الجمعة، يونيو 16، 2006

Its when I need any of the 2 around so urgent, I find none..
And both in the same city..

I wonder why I got this strong ESP with that someone especially. I just love being around together.. may be doing nothing.. talking about all the none sense in the world.. listening to some crap.. but just being around for sometimes.. I feel secured.. I feel as if the whole world is pure nothing.. really the whole world is nothing

Yet I always have to wake up on the bitter reality,, the ruthless minds of the living beings and the stupid ignorance by who are we.. and looking at.. how irrelevant we look like..
GOSh.. I hate that.. and I hate that true..

I hate that f3lan.. and I wish to travel there right now and be with my friend (S) .. both of them.. I love them as a package.. thought they do not know each other that much…

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