الثلاثاء، يونيو 20، 2006

This week’s lesson

Had I ever mentioned my strong hatred for demanding people?
If not, then I am admitting it right now
Hate it when someone, highly regarded as a grown up start nagging about something and turning into a headache !!
I mean, yeah, I hate true ya3ni such faces keda…
Its 1st time I shut up.. or may be reply in a nice way.. 2nd time I really keep shut up.. 3rd time I might use some sarcasm or cynical language.. 4th time I burst and even my inner guilt would never stop me from the cannon that would start to FIRE

You want something from the so called being "ME". Then say it ONCE. If twice then make sure I’ve asked you to do so, not from you HEAD. Ok.. then leave me alone after lying in some corner.. whatever.. Neglect me bgd.. and I will come to you.. I’ll just come..
But chasing me with your stupid questions, means I’ll lose my temper and won’t care much for such a pain called Mr./miss nag.

How stubborn, arrogant and hard head/heart I am.
YES.. then WHAT ?!

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