الأربعاء، أكتوبر 19، 2005

My treasure..

If I started by saying that last couple of days I was feeling happy, you’d probably close the whole thing and take your leave *Please just bear with me a while*. Its just this same situation I am happy in without any proper reason. Though everything is going on the normal. I wake up to collage, to meet some boring people and attend even more boring lectures. I’d return back home to have a short nap till iftar. I’d sit with the family to watch one series on TV, then I’d start studying *suppose I do*. At 11 sharp, I mostly leave everything to watch another series from the TV program “3ala 5ota el 7abib” or “on the path of the beloved, prophet Mohamed pbuh” by the glamorous presenter Amr Khaled on Iqraa channel (by the way, it is now transmitted to the united states)

OK! Close the TV and log online.. I’d meet some nice folk to chat, sometimes till very late at night. Quite exciting to have a funny chit chat with friends from time to time. When its bed time, I’d shut down the computer and enter the kitchen to prepare the “se7oor” or “the last meal to prepare for fasting next time” then TADA TADA.. Zzzzzzzz
Next morning *as if for a change*, I have to run in the street to catch my bus all again on my way to collage!

As I was chatting with Olivia tonight, she told me: “may be because you feel satisfied and contend without worries or stress”
-- “Without worries” OK, could be
-- But “without stress” is crossed out.. I have piles of things to do with no much time left. UGH! I am quite a lazy person I have to admit. Leaving things in a real hassle undone and I just leave or may be run away.. why not !

-- Could be “feeling content and satisfied” then.
But tell me something, had I reached that level of feeling content of myself?!
That is a question I should leave to answer someday, somewhere, somehow.. or may be if you got a different opinion, then share it with me and our friends :)

However, before I go or you’d leave, I’d wish to add one more thing, Today I was feeling happy ;) *el 7amd lelah* *Thank God for everything after all*

I waited and waited yet nothing appeared beneath the starry sky they told me to ask..

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