الأحد، أكتوبر 16، 2005

20 Me..

So I am supposed to answer “Me” and “Tota” tag, which is to write 5 random things about me. But it took me so much time thinking, its hard to limit yourself to few points, until “Jia” just tagged me yesterday to write 20 random things about me !!!
So before I’d find them increased to 100 or something by tomorrow, I thought of hurrying to answer :)

01. Dreams:
After I started my studies in the faculty of engineering, I realized that wasn’t my dream after all.
02. Family:
I am living in Cairo with my parents and little brother.
03. Fact not Fiction:
This is my 1st post to write without looking at the keyboard while typing *how steadily I try to integrate myself*
04. Attitude:
No matter how daring I might seem to be sometime, still I stumble other people’s looks at me while talking or walking :$
05. Fact not Fiction:
I hate being a girl *sadly*
06. School:
The worst best thing ever happened to me *a shock, I know*
07. Love:
the least topic I tend to tackle any where. Excuse me, I’ve never been in a story before. *Though passed by some scattered crushes from time to time.*
08. Fact not Fiction:
Fareed el Atrash is my best male singer of all times *and say what you want, I don’t mind*
09. Personality:
though I haven’t seen my grandfather to my mother except for my 1st 3 years and half, then he passed away. I am widely known in my family to be another carbon copy of his everything life style and way of thinking.
10. Food:
I just hate cheese like no other kind.
11. Slogan:
always say your good feeling to your loved ones, without any reason or decorations; you’ll never know when the last goodbye is.
12. Dreams:
my life I wished to become a radio announcer. Now I added being a well known free writer.
13. People:
I don’t loath a type of people, as much as I loath dependent dump ones.
14. Fact not Fiction:
no matter how so many friends I have, whither in reality or virtually, none (he/she) is a close intimate friend *and I meant that fully* a double edged privilege I’d say. Missing being myself in front of someone, yet on the otherhand, happy not having all the eggs I owe in one basket.
15. Weirdo:
one of the best thing I enjoy doing in kitchen is uncover the garlic *afasas toom , hehehe *
16. Beliefs:
I believe love is somewhere looking for only me, if its meant to be.. we’ll meet after all in the middle of the road.
17. Attitude:
one of the worst things I hate about myself is how I look silly sometimes for not starting a “Hi” or “Hello” or even a smile to the ones I know that I know them quite well, and I know they know me as well. Still I’d wait for the other to take the initiative step!! That’s why some thought I am enormous *this expression is a rough translation from a friend’s last post where he mentioned me between the lines* and others thought I am arrogant
18. Attitude:
I’ve never hated except 2 people in my life, now I am re-thinking about the 1st.
19. Fact not Fiction:
I hate to be praised directly and in public.

20. No need to mention >> I am a strong internet addict .. and can’t get rid of that!!!!!!!!!!!

I am currently tagging all the people on my right-side-bar-list. Please take part of your time to write 20 random things about only YOU :)

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