الأحد، أبريل 27، 2008

In the middle of the road

It’s 1:30 am, and I can’t sleep. I have a headache since 5 pm may be, and till now I just can not sleep. You know when the pain is coming through your eyes and from the back of your neck till the very center of your head.
El La3na 3l sodaa3..

2 days ago I was thinking about my life and I highly considered taking a pause. Its very early for one, but I should monitor myself, where am I heading in 5 years from now. And so far I found me reaching no where I’ve imagined to my self.
I admit it, I don’t have a clear, sharp and focused vision for my future life. But at least I am sure its not where I am starting now.
I stopped reading like since a month ago. Stopped listening to new music. Stopped working my handy crafts. Stopped attending my gym sessions periodically. Stopped learning driving, or at least searching for a good school to practice. God! I stopped watching movies. I stopped walking. I stopped writing. I stopped talking with my parents. I stopped FUNCTIONING my brain.
I feel dizzy and over distracted.
El la3na 3l ekt2aab..

I am thinking a lot. I know at least one very satisfying incident happened to me in the last month or so. But you know, I just wish for the rest.. I dream and think. ALLAH knows better, but I have to think and work, and only God makes it going.. that’s what I’m sure of. And that’s what I try to do..
Having more faith in myself. Dreaming I will fit in the place I dream of. I will fetch my vision and write it clear everywhere. I will make that someone as happy as I can. I will write more often. I should write more often.
El la3na 3ala kol el la3anaat..

And my first decision will be ..
I will sleep on time..

"When we think we know all the answers, life comes and changes all the questions."

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