الأربعاء، أبريل 02، 2008


So I stopped asking her how she is, so she would stop asking me how I am. But she never did, and each time I feel irritated more and more.

Yes, I am a very conservative person who likes to keep her private life for her self. Not an open person and not an extrovert. Do not like poking nose kind of people, and so I tend to be the same.

But some people don't understand that in order to let others to respect you, you have to respect yourself and respect others too. In order to let people treat you kindly, you have to start and treat them kindly too. In order to let people leave you alone, you should leave them alone first!

It is horrible people. Beware of it.

Some people –like me- HATE to hear someone asking them private questions, especially if you know that they are not always open to anybody, and that if they needed something, they ASK!

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