السبت، يوليو 21، 2007


Ole! So today was my 1st driving lessons with my father and brother. I would have never believed that I’d learn driving at this age and with my father! You know the old story between me and him, yet it just happened. It’s freaking to tell you the truth. Not easy at all and needs a pinch of guts, patience and concentration as well.
Just wish me luck to continue.

My camera is dead for good now, and I’m heart broken begad for it. I used to love it. I used to find myself through photography.. now its lost and for long I think… I don’t think there would be any chance for my parents to buy a new digital camera for us in less than a year, unless the new wicked play I am doing along with my brother would actually work, and in stead of spending money on fixing the old one –which will cost a lot- so we buy a new china made so-so camera.

mm… its hot in here. Its Very Hot!.. and I don’t know if there is a chance to go to the beach this year or not. God I pray so hard to go. Its like the only time of the year I dream of all year long..

I’m into Mohamed Fawzi’s music lately. That guy used to be a blasting hit. A pity that not a lot used to like him though…
Yalla I’ll go now and catch you later..

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