الاثنين، فبراير 19، 2007

Pages of my life..

I started –hopefully isA- the final term, can you believe it?
I can’t believe it.
I can’t take in that probably after few months isA I’ll have to run a life on my own. How can I make it? How can I adapt myself not going to college?! How…
Gosh.. that’s like.. like.. I don’t know!

Now I’m into the hassle of choosing my elective courses. Simply a headache that takes around couple of weeks at the start of every term, where everything acts as a massive mess. You can’t figure out what you should be doing and what not, which Drs. to join their classes and whom to dump. What reports to deliver and what not!!
Then… puff.. all of a sudden everything goes quite.. life goes on boringly normal for a month may be, till its high time for midterms…
Takh takh takh.. the 3rd world war is on for a week…
A week rest, then the 3rd world war on again till the end of the term..
All the reports, assignments, projects.. etc gather in the so called month between the end of your midterms and the start of the finals. Then silence back again. Either vacation or few un-finished projects, or training.. etc.. most important there ain’t exams anymore..
However, this term is abit different. For after the finals I’ll have a final month to finish the graduation project that apparently I know nothing about till this moment!!!!!

Man.. am I really really talking about 5 years of my life?
As if, my history started and ended within those years, and the previous have been forgotten. I got used to waking up at 6, and returning at 7 or 6 or 5.. I got used to.. I don’t know.. the lecture halls, the fun at the corners, the cafeteria, the class folk..
I got used to me saying “Hello, I’m blah blah blah.. Engineering student”..
Now.. no.. after few months isA.. “Hello, I’m blah blah blah.. and no longer a student”

I mean, I know c’est la vie, everything should be changing.. but I can’t help myself feeling that un-balanced. May be, lack of consciousness. The in-ability to believe a fact..
I’ve been waiting for this over 5 years, yet when its near, I don’t feel much comfortable having it..

Aren’t we all the same human after all?!

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