السبت، نوفمبر 26، 2005

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And after a long time now, I emailed Osama on “late night cartoon”.. Thought to share it with you :)

Dear Osama,
May be as you read this email I’d be fast asleep, and may be sitting wide awake counting some shooting stars I’ve seen lately. May be I’d be feeling the normal autumn cold or the warmth of my heart.
Its been a while I haven’t emailed you, in fact its been a long time I was away. Away from my usual life, the usual faces and things I lived with for the passed 20 years or so. Suddenly, I stumbled “change” on my way. Can’t hide how much I feel happy lately, happy like I’ve never been before. Last 2 days, along with friends, we’ve been celebrating the blossoms of the sleepless nights working in the past 5 month. But that wasn’t it after all. I’ve just discovered the meaning of being a team turning in friends then brothers and sisters. I’ve met new people who twisted the very same “ME” I thought I know. I figured out some pure meanings that were hiding deep inside.
And though I know they won’t be listening to you tonight, I felt I have to declare it out loud how much I cherish the past 2 days. How much I care for them. And how much I feel disappointed on the thought that as the world keeps Turing, we might lose each other along the way. One day we are together, the next we can’t figure out where our feet are heading forward or backward to. We might meet in the middle someday, and we might end the journey with the memory that we’ve been together once upon a dream.
Have been too romantic to say so?!
I don’t know, I mean, I don’t care. I love my new friends. I love them true. And no matter where we are going to, I just wish them from all my heart a life full of love, laughter and shooting stars in their skies.
Good night Osama, Good night Cairo..
Sweet dreams…

PS: Osama, for the sake of the good old days, could you play me “seeking you again” as my usual.. or “Can’t smile without you”….
Here is Osama's reply:
Don’t fall asleep yet. But isn’t it how it works out in life. We build up new friendships, new brotherhoods, sisters, brothers, and close people. But as time goes by you change and people change especially when you are young because each of you grows on his own special way and things become different. But all the same, you may try as much as you want or as much as you can to hold on that kind of friendship as long as you are enjoying it. If not, then hold on to the feeling of it and keep a picture in your mind of this group of people you enjoy being with for quite sometime.
As for your request, we’ll see about that. But for the time being I’ll be playing you a song that relates very much to what you are telling me.
“its all about us”.. T.A.T.U.
Thank you Osama, you made my day today...

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