الخميس، أبريل 16، 2009

Don't watch it, read it

So I've finally watched "PS I love you" after strong recommendations by friends and promises to see the best movie ever after.. To cut it short, I was disappointed.

Few months ago I finished reading the novel. Exactly couple of weeks after the last book fair. I went there with one of my office colleagues and once she laid eyes on the cover - I found her screaming all the round place (aka Soor El Azbakya), because she finally found her most favorite novel. I followed her passion and borrowed the book.

It was good. At least it wasn't bad. It was not perfect. May be a little bit over good? two little bits over good? nay.. three or four...?
It was good enough to take me out of this world for few hours..

Today I watched the movie by chance, and I thanked God I'm still sticking to my rule.
No to watching a movie before reading its book first (except for boring ones)..
The movie can't be even compared to the original script. There is something about books! The villa I drew in my mind is much better than the ugly flat she was living in. Her friends were much better.. she was more prettier... and well.. I can't really talk these days, but that concludes it all.. The movie is a fail compared to the book..

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