السبت، مايو 17، 2008

Book: The Secret

I read “The secret”, or let me be precise, I read half of “The secret”, or even more, 3 chapters of “The secret”.. because I couldn’t complete the book. I hated the concept.

Every one writes a book and says this is the ultimate solution of the whatever in life; and after reading and applying you will turn into another Einstein. We read, we apply, and it doesn’t work. It doesn't change anything. So the writers reply back, because we didn’t fully believe in “the concept” while applying.
Which is nonsense really.

“The secret” is mainly about “The Law of Attraction”. What you think of, returns back to you. If you think “happy thoughts”, you will meet “happy things” all through, and vice versa.
It’s true. I won’t say no. but that doesn’t guarantee full success.
What about destiny then? What about tests in life? What about wrong choices?
Everything would be conserved -just- into our own thinking?!
If we think we will have an accident, then we will have an accident?
That means that we die because we think we will die; which is not true, because we will die one way or another, because we have to.

See. That guy might have a point. Like when I think of car X for example. I walk in the street and notice that car X is everywhere, as if all cars suddenly turned into X.
If I think gloomy thoughts, I will turn sad; and hence sadness attracts more sadness.. and the windmill goes on and on.
That’s very true.
But I cannot control my destiny with my own thoughts.

May be the problem lies in our different religious believes?!
Islam says that you choose in life.. but you will meet tests too. Just to justify if you deserve heaven or hell.
I am not sure…

Just take my opinion about this book. Reading 1 chapter is more than enough. The book repeats it self one paragraph after the other. It’s not a “Secret”.. it’s a well known philosophy in life. You might find your self heard it accidentally somewhere you don’t remember. May be you’ve thought of this long ago, but was never aware of your thoughts.
The writing style is good. New if I can say.
Some people liked it, but I didn’t. I didn’t like explaining quotations this way. I am not dump… I can understand people’s words…

Look, all in all, I hated it… but who knows, you might hate me for hating it :D
Different opinions pals. And without differences, I would have forced everybody to think Blue :D

Chaw and see you later alligator ;)

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