الجمعة، مارس 28، 2008


Yesterday we made a surprise party for our manager because she’s leaving Egypt. That was the first surprise party I share in. and I really liked it. It like adds something to the celebrating atmosphere. May be happiness on the one the party is done on his/her honor. I don’t know exactly. I like her in a way, and even liked her more since I knew she’s leaving. It’s kind of strange, you know. If you like some person, then you should like him/her. And if you don’t like some person, then you should not like him/her. Or at least change your feelings when something dramatic happens. But just like that you have a twist of everything, is a bit strange. And its always connected to missing?

I remember the few times I think that I might lose people dear, and then few tears ran up to my eyes. I feel I miss them. I feel I wish to tell them right now that they are dear to me. Mm.. its natural feelings, I reckon. Not to get you like something until its gone. Same things we didn’t appreciate when they were previously at hand.


The restaurant was tres cher! But good enough. Open area is pretty amazing decision. It adds again to the atmosphere.
I took my usual order, pizza margarita! Hehe..
Yesterday’s pizza wasn’t good though. It was normal you know. I didn’t feel it deserves such money. I would have backed much better one (dreaming huh :D ? )


People were new to me. I didn’t know most of them. And I really didn’t care to. Lately, I don’t want to know more people in my life. I feel satisfied the way it is. But I only need to keep strong relations with my old friends.
Know what. To day I will call my friends. I will do it as the positive something of today.


I should be going now. Will fetch something to do now, as I feel very bored…. But let’s see, and meet you soon.

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