الأربعاء، ديسمبر 26، 2007

Hela hop, hop, hop..

After 13 years of escaping P.E. classes in school, and feeling relieve for no P.E. sessions in college.. I went to the gym on my own will.
Blue went today to the gym on her own will.. Can you believe it?!
It was hard, and I couldn’t complete it.. but after all I feel proud of myself.. because ok.. I did something I have to do, but I don’t want to.
I’m lazy by nature, and here I am fighting that :D..

Alright… today I’d go to the library alone.. and would be my 2nd challenge. Talking all the way, knowing before hand I’ll be alone, and I will enjoy myself kaman.. isA ;)

See ya after the break..

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