الخميس، سبتمبر 20، 2007

On the run... :)

Well, that job I’ve mentioned before.. finito.. well, I thought I’d be much more affected and most probably in the negative sense.. however, that didn’t happen.. in fact the rejection reply was one hell of an excellent reply that made me feel “proud” of myself! Hell yes! Though it was a rejection reply no more, no less… yet so elegant keda and ego boosting as well..

So no.. I’m not sad el 7amdo lelah, may be even satisfied to a certain extend and I don’t know exactly why..
I returned back to learning “French”.. now I can have a little conversation.. which is a great step…
You know, I might not need French in my future life isA.. bas something inside me is pushing to continue and in a way I don’t want to ever stop.. being a better me..

I’m have kind of a difficult time pursuing CCNA.. its not hard.. but needs a strong memory, which I lack..

Ah, by the way, yesterday I had a dish party with few friends at the club… was one real nice day..
Cheers, bye

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