الاثنين، سبتمبر 14، 2009

On online friends

I was curious today to check my old email on gtalk. To my surprise, I found people who no longer show on my new email are online.
I made sure to ask about these 2 people few days ago to check if they are alright.. sent one a Twitter msg and the other facebook msg.. both of them replied that theyare busy these days and do not log online anymore..
It happens.. it surely happens all the time with anyone of us..
But what doesn't happen, is to be online on one account, and offline on the other :)

Sometimes I prefer to act as stupid and show as if I didn't understand whats going on.. "Ah, it surely is a technical problem".. it surely is.. for I would prefer to believe that online friends are no better.. instead of just believing I am a boring person, who will die one day out of depression..

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