الثلاثاء، أغسطس 26، 2008

The Milk Girl

I've been thinking lately about "my childhood dreams" post. I thought what do I want to do with my life. ehe2! why is it that hard ya Raby?!

I got an idea about it actually.. and started working on achieving it. Not sure bardo if I will, or if I will not. I got nothing else but trying..
Few people told me I must have gone insane to think in what I am thinking.. I should keep in mind that there might be a probability they are right, and I am wrong. But.. can't help dreaming..

And something else I discovered along the dreaming way; I dream one step more. Like if I told you "lets have an outing".. I'd start thinking immediately in what can be done in an outing, or whom to invite, before even deciding where to go :D
Dreaming what will I do when I get "this or that", before beginning to work for "this or that"..
Like the story of the Milk girl... who kept dreaming of the amount of money she's about to have after selling her milk.. then, her milk split on the grass.. she bent down crying over spilt milk.. yet alas..

ehe2 ehe2!..

My final exam on Thursday, and I'm not in the studying mood. In fact I wasted the days I took off studying Arabic grammar and forgot all about French. Only today I remembered that I'm having an exam I should work for.
YES! was studying Arabic Grammar.. asl I thought, whats the hell am I going to do with other languages if I can not master my own language. I've been complaining alot before that I do not have a language identity. I think in English and prefer to write in Arabic. Even that Arabic was colloquial, not Fos7a.. So, I started learning Arabic all over again.

I'm hopping between different spots, and not focusing..
I am waiting for Friday, so I will have finished the exam by then, and I'd really get down to write the "thing" thats going to change my life..
or so I hope... :(

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